Our Vision


Lending Our Marketing and Sales Expertise to Companies

H2 Sales Company was formed to assist small to medium businesses that want to grow their companies in a cost-effective and scalable way. We are made up of passionate and compassionate entrepreneurs looking to help you grow your business.

Making Our Vision Your Reality

Our CEO and founder, Taylor Herber, is a leader who motivates us to produce quality results. Over the years, he has witnessed sales consulting firms come and go, leaving unhappy clients in their wake. They were required to sign big money guarantees and yet had little sales results to show for it.

Taylor has made it his mission to stand out from the crowd and provide fair and honest performance-based programs that any company looking to break into any industry can afford.


About Our Clients

H2 Sales Company services clients worldwide and we have discovered a common denominator. They all came to us looking to generate more sales and expand business in an affordable, low-risk way.

As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Herber relates to our clients and makes sure our company focuses on growing and enhancing our clients’ vision. Ultimately, we continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing global market.

Meet the Leadership Team