A Trusted Consulting, Sales, and Marketing Services Firm

As a leading provider of sales and marketing services, H2 Sales Company helps clients attain the results they are looking for without the headaches and excessive costs. Not only do our proven methods provide the talent and structure needed to scale and grow your business, but also we will treat every business as if it were our own.

Our focus is to collaborate with you, saving you time and money while making sure your business is headed in the right direction.

Outsourcing Services

We offer customers an alternative to the standard business model with our diverse and experienced outsourced sales and marketing team. Our model allows us to reduce pricey overhead and the internal headaches caused by staffing.


With our years of collective experience, we have created an effective inside and outside sales presence. These teams use their industry relationships as well as email and tele-prospecting to generate leads at all levels.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) experts will make sure customers and consumers looking for the product or service that you provide will find your website.

We know your website could be your number one profit center. Our experts are prepared to not only help you reach your sales goals but also build and enhance your business-to-business (B2B) customer and consumer lists.

H2 Sales Company and its team of experienced professionals are committed to helping you target potential markets while growing existing ones. We have spent the last 20 years formulating and perfecting our sales and marketing methods, allowing us to pivot and adapt to new sales trends. It is our job to work with clients to create a scalable sales and marketing plan.


Digital Acquisition Services

We can cover the full scope of digital marketing. Our team of experienced online marketers and designers are here to help you create and deploy the most effective and cost-efficient campaigns possible.

Whether our clients are looking for social media, retargeting, or direct to consumer mailings, H2 Sales Company will handle all aspects of your digital portfolio.

We have a team of designers prepared to bring your vision to life. With your input, Our company will determine your target market and we will help your brand flourish.

You can count on our experienced marketing team to send effective emails that will entice current and potential customers to take action. All of our clients receive preferential discounted prices and access to our in-house consumer lists, which we have been strategically segmenting and building for the last 10 years.

The lists allow us to provide additional value by helping companies reach a large customer base quickly. Detailed reports are provided with all campaigns, so you will have the data you need to continue running successful campaigns for years to come.

Sales Operations Services

Offering scalable sales solutions for any industry, H2 Sales Company will adapt to your needs. Our marketing and sales team has helped multiple clients build a qualified pipeline, efficiently converting leads to sales.

Working with our company means receiving the assistance of experienced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementers, analysts, and sales executives that will create efficient results and reduce your in-house costs.


Our team not only generates an immense amount of leads for our clients but also turns unproductive leads into sales opportunities.

H2 Sales Company utilizes phone, email, social media, text, and direct mail channels to efficiently reach prospective leads. Our call volume and amount of lead touches are unrivaled.

Our company is able to grow with you. Whether you need 1 representative or 30, we have a quick and effective sales-building program for you. If you have an in-house sales team, we will help them accelerate their sales performance. However, if you want us to build an inside sales team from the ground up, we will implement our proven marketing concepts to execute the program successfully.

H2 Sales Company offers in-house CRM solutions for companies looking for an all-inclusive experience. We also assist with the implementation of recommended CRM platforms.

Product Categories

  • Accessories
  • Apparel
  • Technology
  • Equipment
  • Ads/Promotional
  • Training Aids
  • Electric Rideables